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Unauthorized persons have been fraudulently using the Stelerix company name. Stelerix is not recruiting personnel. Do not provide personal information to any representatives claiming to represent this company online or in person. You are reminded not to give out personal information or effect transactions on behalf of others. My company does not and will not accept any responsability or liability in this matter or any others associated with the fraudulent or misrepresentation of the company.

We are positioned on the cutting-edge of specific verticals: Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, and IT, with a particular focus on Simulator Technology and Serious Gaming.

We deliver you the voice and the tools of world-renowned experts. Premium content, and a vast library of complimentary video-interviews, exclusive articles, and on-demand webinars enable you to hear expert opinions and industry thought-leaders, unfettered.

Ongoing engagement with our expansive network of inside-industry contacts keeps us in the know about the most important trends.

We act rapidly. We use a wide network of active affiliates to reach the farthest corners of the connected globe. Cutting-edge web-conferencing technology allows us to connect with thought experts in key global markets. Understand an array of critical perspectives, quickly.

Look at the library. Sign up for our newsletter. Create your own webinar. Join our community.

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We take advantage of high quality webinar technology. We make an abundance of actionable, premium content easily available. Log in anytime, from anywhere to get exactly what YOU need from our diverse and interactive global network of experts and key opinion leaders.

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