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The Indian pharmaceutical market is rife with opportunity for all participants, with 2009 sales exceeding $19 billion USD and certain to increase. As a top five global growth market, sustained by robust demographic undercurrents, the case for action is growing exponentially! An increasing number of international market leaders and visionaries are already deriving significant benefit.

Stelerix has engaged over 1400 professionals within the life sciences industries, directly involved in aiding their organization succeed in India and other emerging markets. Respondents include experts from all aspects of industry, as well as government and academia. Using a grounded theory approach, leveraging multiple choice and essay-style short answer questions as well as interviews and other engaging primary research tools we have accurately identified actionable information that is requisite for success.

This report uses this validated input as the basis for analysis. It highlights specific action items required to thrive. It identifies real hurdles to success and the most compelling market drivers that have India poised to add significant value, for the top pharmaceutical companies and small biotechnology firms alike, be it as a high-value service provider or as an untapped marketplace.

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