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January 12, 2011

Note: This is our first attempt recording and hosting audio/visual interviews. We promise to improve next time. And each time after that. If you have suggestions for how we can do this better, please, get in touch.

Alok Kumar explains what it takes for generics success in India. Listen in, and understand why global strategic alliances can thrive. This no-nonsense approach ensures consistent success in a competitive and fast growing market.

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the interview begins after the first 45 seconds. Things really get going around 2 minutes.

We are also working on improving sound quality. Thank you for your patience while we integrate this new feature.

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See notes below:

Slide 1

Exploring success in generic Indian market product launches by examining challenging case-studies

Slide 2

Keys to generic product launch. (1:00 – 6:00min)

Effective Resource Management. (6:00 – 10:00min)

Keys to accessing Indian market. (11:30 – 15:00min)

Therapeutic Overview. (15:30 – 18:30 min)

India Opportunities: Ongoing and immediate. (19:00 – 25:00)

India vs. China (26:00min).

Keys to effective partnership. (29:00min)

Slide 3

Product portfolio

The real benefit of the generic market.

Reverse plan your timeline. There are local rules and regulations 2:30

There will be lots of surprises!

Slide 4

6:12 min – Back end is under your control – need a good project manager.

7:23 min – 9:22 min – Have contingencies up your sleeve – if the back end is controlled, you will have the ability to deal with problems as they arise.

Need experts to help fill in the blanks in your knowledge.

10:30 min – Need experts to help fill in the blanks in your knowledge.

Slide 5

12:00 min – There is huge inequality with regards to access and affordability of medicine

13:30 min – Infrastructure investment will be a major boon for access to medicine.

14:10 min – Referenced report

14:40: min – Business model will need to evolve to serve this.

Slide 6

15:30 min – 17:00 min – Therapeutic profile overview.

17:30 min – Because there is so much opportunity, you must pick a niche.

19:10 min – India today vs. India tomorrow.

21:00 min – India is a great hub to supply local markets.

Slide 7

21:30 min – OTC to build brand now.

23:30 min – India is an open market – regulatory drawbacks vs. China (see also: 25:05)

24:30 min – India’s strength is it’s people.

26:05 min – India vs. China.

28:15min – The benefits of an open market, government.

Slide 8

29:50 min – Time frames can be anything.

30:50 min – Relationships are important.

Slide 9

33:00 min – It’s important to try and learn from everyone else.

33:30 min – Whatever we know, we must know completely.

Slide 10

34:00 min – 37:00min. One of India’s greatest assets is Indians outside of India that bring new technologies to address specific needs.

39:20 min – Economic growth in India is being driven by entrepreneurs and private companies… 40:30min à Profit for all!

Slide 11

Thank You.

Read Part One: Alok Kumar on Effective Global Strategic Alliances

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