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February 8, 2011

Gregory Weiss, professor of chemistry, molecular biology, and biochemistry, at University of California, Irvine, talks about a new paradigm in translational research.

Greg will be giving the opening keynote remarks at the upcoming Camridge Health Institute conference, "Translational Approach to Cancer Therapeutics." He briefly describes what his focus is at this prominent event, and why we are at the start of such an exciting era in translational research. Watch and learn.

You can check out the interview in it's entirety, free, on-demand here. Or take a look at the highlights and summary below:

Summary and Notes:

Q1: Why is the global approach you are reviewing in your lab so important??

Gregory: 0:40 - We are developing a new approach to allow us to anticipate what viruses will do before they have time to evolve drug resistance in the clinic.

1:55 – Enthusiastic about other people picking up my work, very encouraging.

Q2: Tell us a little more about the work you are doing identifying function of specific side chains in insoluble membrane proteins. Why does this have such potential for positive therapeutic impact?

Gregory: 6:50 – It's really exciting work identifying active functional groups and critical side chains on intractable membrane proteins. This will help smart drug development, this is one goal of the project.

7:20 – A second goal is to apply powerful analytical tools that had previously been limited to soluble proteins.

8:00 – We were able to make a monotopic membrane protein soluble by changing 13 of approximately 20 side chains in the intermembrane region.

8:50 – It requires a huge amount of specificity. This is not just guess-work.

10:00 – This project was actually the result of exploratory, rotational research. It was a bit of a surprise!

Q3: What will your upcoming keynote remarks at CHI's Translational Approach to Cancer Therapeutics focus on??

Gregory: 11:10 – Our goal is to bring together the best research that is making it from the lab to the clinic, - that’s a hard thing to do! Most research doesn't make it all the way to the clinic.

It’s critical right now, because of the translational research trends happening in the US today. There are some major NIH initiatives in the pipeline. It's a really exciting time

12:30 - With sound fundamental knowledge, we can really control the systems.We can begin solving big challenges that are pertinent to humans, as a species.

Big breakthrough in research, and major funding initiatives are driving this exciting time in translational research.

13:40 – I am optimistic on the future of drug development. It’s an exciting time to think about challenging problems.

16:00 – Fundamentals are in place to apply the powerful analytical tools that science has developed.

Q4: What are you looking for in the ideal student volunteer?

Gregory: 17:10 – Always looking for volunteers and researchers. It requires good grades. They must be able to pass the courses in our program.

17:20 – Most of all, and what cannot be taught, is a seriousness of focus, work ethic, tenacity and passion.

18:15 – Applied passion begets work ethic.

You can learn more about the Weiss Lab, here!

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