Interview: Nitin Parab - Global Partnerships for Profit.

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February 10, 2011

Nitin Parab, owner of Mumbai-based Swami Samarth Pharmatech, explains why his large global network has been pivotal to his success in an increasingly cosmopolitan country.

Nitin touches on what is required for success in global distribution relationships. Read on.

Q #1: Nitin, you ensure that your company has strong partnerships with organizations in Europe and America. How do these partnerships help you accomplish your goals in our increasingly global world?

We have partnerships within Europe and the US, which help Indian Companies, as we are their gateway to Europe and US. Moreover, foreign partners usually visit India on our behalf for Training in Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals in India. A particular benefit of this is the way in which we help companies acquire a critical knowledge of different regulations in India.

In exchange, they assist Swami Samarth Pharmatech clients to get registered in the country with the requisite regulatory agency, be it COS, USFDA, UKMHRA, and others. This helps to increase the sales of innovative Indian technologies abroad.

Q #2: You say that Swami Samarth Pharmatech is committed to providing global service at a local level. Why is this so important to you?

As India is the Second Largest global market, in terms of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, we are committed to helping companies from all over the world, interested in entering the Indian Market. Swami Samarth Pharmatech assists companies from Europe, US, and other countries to enter in Indian market. We assist them with regards to the Representative Office, licensing, manufacturing Units, as well as providing the third party vendor audits for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries which saves the time and cost for travelling themselves and conducting the vendor audits. We also help non-European countries to get into European Markets, using the aforementioned partnerships.

It is important for Swami Samarth Pharmatech since it allows the global market acccess to India, as well as allowing people in India to have access to new technologies.

Q #3: SSP operates with a number of companies and helps them distribute medical devices in North America, South America and Europe, how are you able to effectively operate in all of these different markets?

It is due to incredible reliability, confidence and trust in all of my partners which makes the operation effective.

We have partnerships with companies that are very well equipped, both in quality and experience, when it comes to medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Through these channels and relationships we are able to consistently provide a variety of contacts for medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Q #4: India is a market that is increasingly interesting for international life sciences organizations. How are you able to effectively add-value for companies looking to do business in India?

The Indian market is growing continuously, and Global companies are increasingly interested in entering this complex environment. We assist them in Representative Office in India, Manufacturing Units, Licensing and other related services. All of these are essential in making our clients and partner companies comfortable and able to thrive in the Indian Market.

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