Free On-Demand Webinar: Tushar Barad, Influencing Key Opinion Leaders

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January 26, 2011

I caught up with Tushar Barad, owner of Mumbai-based Applied Bioscience. Of value to any distribution outfits, he identifies infrastructure hurdles, and how his team overcame them. He also analyzes in detail the importance of key opinion leaders for driving access in India, and outlines strategies for effectively engaging and getting buy-in from these critical stakeholders.

You can check out the interview in it's entirety, free, on-demand here. Or take a look at the highlights below:

Tushar explains why buy-in from KOLs is so important, and which strategies he executes in order to acccess them. Tushar is consistently engaged, receiving high-quality feedback. Watch and learn.

Infrastructure has been called the Achilles' Heel of India. Tushar Barad explains the challenges, and how he has overcome them. You don't run a successful distributions company without knowing a thing or two about logistics. Take a look at what Tushar has to say!

Distribution aside, we have heard time and again in our primary reseach that identifying a need in such a large market can be a challenge. Tushar touches on how he keeps his attention on the hottest trends, and who he validates them with.

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Tushar Barad on KOLs.
Analyze and Understand key success factors for effectively engaging key opinion leaders, in order to accurately validate demand for new pharmaceutical and medical technologies. Learn what forces are driving KOL decisions, and how to pull the puppet strings that matter. Log in anytime, from anywhere, for free. Hear directly from the experts. Get exactly what you need.

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