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January 29, 2011

Vivek Shukla, owner of New-Delhi-based Vivek Shukla & Associates explains what has been pivotal to his ongoing success. Of value to any healthcare consultant or business owner, he provides in-depth analysis of how to consistently maximize human capital. He also examines, in detail, the value of lean operations and enjoying what you do. Learn how to pursue your passion and let the money follow, in abundance, no less.

You can check out the interview in it's entirety, free, on-demand here. Or take a look at the highlights and summary below:

Vivek explains why shared vision is so important to ongoing success. And how to effectively engage others to collaborate in the pursuit of aligned goals to grow business in healthcare. Vivek is consistently interacting and networking heavily within the industry to ensure he stays on the cutting-edge. Watch and learn.

Summary and Notes:

Q1: What makes you so successful on such a consistent basis?

Vivek: 0:40 – I think the key has been to follow my passion, and do what excites me.

1:40 – I was lucky to learn early that my strengths were in advising and empathizing with people. I also found myself able to clearly articulate and communicate solutions, this proved important. I really love interacting with people and have always been able to focus on others.

2:30 – I was lucky to have learned this so early on and have since built around it.

3:30 – In the beginning I didn’t have any money to invest so I had to keep my costs low. As a result my operations were very lean. I am very mobile and always on the move.

4:30 – Because I enjoy my profession, I don’t see it as a career. I treat it like a game, or pursuit that I enjoy. The purpose is not to make money. The money takes care of itself when you pursue the real purpose of having fun, and finding enjoyment in what you do.

Q2: Why do you enjoy what you do? What specifically makes it so exciting?

Vivek: 5:30 – I am also able to enjoy the travel, the people I meet and conferences and seminars at which I speak. I enjoy thinking about the diverse array of problems presented to me by various clients. And I like presenting them and advising them on solutions. I really enjoy studying and reading. I have something of a mini-library.

8:00 – I have built around my strengths, it is success by design. I have been able to craft a role I enjoy.

8:50 – I often speak to students and there are two faults that they are usually making. I tell them not to compromise themselves. Too many students are pursuing money or what someone else thinks success is. The other thing, is that they are always trying to improve their weaknesses. I tell them to forget about their weaknesses and focus on their strengths. Strengths are what make you unique and where you can really add value. Forget about your weaknesses. Leverage your strengths.

Q3: What is your time horizon on most of your collaborations and industry partnerships?

Vivek: 10:30 – I try to establish a long term timeline, which allows me to focus on developing a strategy and ensuring effective implementation with tangible results. It is very easy to make quick suggestions but a lot more difficult to get results. Some clients however, only wish to work with me on a short term basis. In these instances, we develop a simple process for the client so that they can implement it themselves. However a long term partnerships is more desirable.

Q4: Given this long term outlook, how do you most effectively leverage human capital in said collaborations?

Vivek: 13:00 – Whether it be of associates or partners, it is important for the leader to create a shared vision. Otherwise, people will only show up for the next pay cheque.

14:12 – People must buy-in to you. People must view you as one of them, before they will buy-in to your vision.

15:00 – It is important to jointly involve all stakeholders by helping them align a shared vision with their personal goals. You must understand them and collaborate with them so that it is truly a shared vision.

16:30 – The biggest hurdle to creating a compelling shared vision is being insecure that someone will outgrow you, the insecurity about losing control is a huge hurdle. But if you love what you do, then you will be excited by the idea of someone else outgrowing you and furthering the field about which you are so passionate.

17:30 – One of the things I do to build trust with people is share all the knowledge that I have acquired over the years. I bring everything I have to the table.

18:30 Another thing, is that you cannot fake a commitment. This is not a formulaic process. You really have to be authentic and genuine.

Q5: Where do you go for ideas?

Vivek: 21:30 – There are two things that I do. Keep reading. And interact with a lot of people; network heavily.

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