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Special Report: Avastin versus Lucentis to Treat Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Special Report: Focus on the Decision to Rescind Avastin

Special Report: Focus on the Latuda Pricing Decision

Mini-Report: Identifying the Pharmaceutical Knowledge Vacuum, India

Special Report: Country Analysis India

Free Video Analysis: Pharma Pricing Strategy

Janumet vs. Onglyza and the End of the “Me-Too” Era – Pharma Market Access Case

Unintended Effects of FDA Diabetes Guidelines on Pharma Market Access Alogliptin Case

Inside Pharma Sales Strategy Scoop – Nexavar vs. Sutent

Nexavar HCC Pricing Analysis Part II

Epidemiology and Pharma Market Access Potential

Free Interviews and On-Demand Webinars

Ulf Staginnus on Implications of European Cost-Containment Measures

Nitin Parab Global Partnerships for Profit

Greg Weiss on Translational Research Trends

Jayata Sharma Reporting on Exciting Healthcare Growth in India

Vivek Shukla on Achieving Buy-In and Long-Term Success

Tushar Barad on Influencing Key Opinion Leaders

Melynda Geurts on Patient Recruitment and Retention

Rajesh Kher on Medical Writing and Clinical Outsourcing

Vikram Sathish Asokan on Sales Force Effectiveness

Karen Winterhalter on Patient Engagement through Social Media

Atul Sharma on Profitable and Sustainable Global Partnerships

Alok Kumar on Strategic Generic Alliances

Alok Kumar on Generic Launch Success Factors

Vivek Varma on Contract Manufacturing

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Sabeer Samir - Future Oncology Therapeutics


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