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Setting the Scene: Canada’s Renewable Energy Policy Environments.

Investing in the Canadian Renewable Energy Sector.

Biomass energy generation opportunities in Canada.

Geothermal energy generation opportunities in Canada.

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CSS Technically Viable

The technology to store CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants or other large industrial emitters is solid, according to a leading US expert on carbon capture and storage (CCS). The big issue that remains is, of course, cost.

Electric vehicles present several challenges for utilities and smart grid

Issues around electric vehicles and the smart grid have largely focused on charging infrastructure, but Coulomb Technologies says there are also challenges coming such as accepting payments at public charging stations.

Ontario solar market to hit 2500MW by 2015

Despite considerable regulatory and political uncertainty regarding Ontario’s renewable energy plans, a new report from ClearSky Advisors says that the province will see 2500 MW of solar PV systems deployed in the province by 2015.

Personal privacy a big issue for smart grid

Protecting personal information in the smart grid era is going to be a monumental challenge. Not only will utilities have to ensure customer information is stored securely, but they will also have to guard against information leakage from both legal and illegal activities.

Trillium sounds off on Ontario

On the same day and at the same time as the Ontario Liberal Government was announcing its plans to shelve offshore wind for the foreseeable future (or at least until after the election) to conduct further scientific study, Trillium Power Wind Corp. was in the process of closing a significant financing.

Renewable Energy Feasible, Group Says

Government of Canada Invests in Nova Scotia’s Renewable Energy Projects

What does the renewable energy sector want from the federal government? Part II

What does the renewable energy sector want from the federal government? Part I

Unifinished Business in Geothermal Energy

Canadian Opportunities for Solar Energy Development

CEOs Spar Over Need for Solar Subsidies

Nervous Concern About State of Ontario Solar Manufacturing

The struggle for a North American renewable energy strategy

Rooftop Solar: A Real Possibility

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